The importance of good Amniotic Fluid

We recommend that you drink 2-3 extra glasses of water/fluid every day for the week before your ultrasound scan. This will help keep you well HYDRATED.

3/4D ultrasound scans need a good amount of amniotic fluid around baby to get good imaging.

Babies position

Baby’s position is very important in obtaining good 3/4D imaging. We need to be able to see a good clear profile in 2D ultrasound to get full face imaging in 3/4D.

If baby has any thing in front of their face it will show up in 3/4D ultrasound imaging.

Most babies have a hand up to their face, also wherever there’s fluid we see umbilical cord, which floats around baby through out your pregnancy.

Breach babies are much harder to scan as their legs naturally come up and over their heads.

Your BMI could also play an important role in the clarity of your scan.